Gardening Workshops: Beyond the Soil

Delve into the art of gardening with Serbajadi. Gardening is more than just a hobby. It's a deep dive into nature's splendors, a therapeutic retreat, and a pathway for perpetual learning and growth. And as you step into this green world, queries arise: Which soil suits my garden? When's the ideal time to water? Serbajadi stands at the forefront, with educational workshops meticulously crafted to guide these questions, shedding light on the fundamentals of gardening.

While numerous online resources exist, our workshops offer an unmatched, hands-on experience. Each gathering ensures attendees understand the core nuances of gardening, fostering a deep bond with this venerable craft. Interactions with fellow participants create a vibrant atmosphere, brimming with shared wisdom and insights, nurturing a fervent community of learners.

🌱 For Kids: Expertly tailored, our workshops blend fun with learning, spotlighting the wonder of plants and nurturing both a love for gardening and a deep respect for nature.

🌿 For the Enthusiasts: Embark on an enriching journey where budding passion meets tried-and-true expertise. Deepen your connection with nature, sharpen your gardening acumen, and exchange tales and tips with like-minded individuals.

🍃 For Forward-Thinking Corporates: The modern corporate landscape demands innovative approaches to team dynamics, mental well-being, and sustainability:

    • Team Growth through Gardening: Strengthen team bonds through gardening-focused activities. Discover a rejuvenating alternative to regular office interactions, promoting collaboration amidst nature's beauty.
    • Mental Wellness through Horticulture Therapy: Delve into our unique sessions where the calming essence of gardening marries tried-and-true therapeutic methods, crafting a comprehensive approach to mental well-being.
    • Sustainability and ESG Workshops: As businesses pivot towards sustainable strategies, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are becoming paramount. Serbajadi’s workshops serve as a guiding light, equipping enterprises for an ethical and green future.

School Events

• SummerFields Preschool

• Straits International School Rawang Campus


• Bio City Gardening Workshop

• I'm Your 1000 Free Plants Campaign

• HomePro X Serbajadi Talk

• Go Go-Green Gardening Fest

• I-Rewards Carnival Day

• KLEFF Publika 

• The Star Property Show

• Gamuda Garden Rawang 

• Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia