Gardening is A Matter of Pride and Joy

Cultivating a healthy-looking garden is a labour of love. It isn’t just about making flora grow because a great garden is a statement of who you are and what you take pride in. For that, getting the right start with the right product is essential.

Serbajadi is a household name that home gardeners have trusted for decades. It’s a name that’s synonymous with a comprehensive range of quality products that can be counted on to produce the great results you want in your garden. Again and again, time after time.


Blooming Good Fertilizers For All Your Gardening Needs


Trusted By Gardeners Since 1988

Serbajadi was founded in 1988 by Mr Edwin Woo and his wife under the name Perniagaan Serbajadi. Being an avid home gardener himself, he knew what he needed to make his backyard garden greener and decided to mix his own soil. He soon found a following among other green-fingered enthusiasts.

That led to the incorporation of YMWOO Corporation Sdn Bhd just two years later. Having grown in size, we were able to explore new products that are designed to meet the needs of other avid home gardeners. We grew from strength to strength and eventually established the current factory five years later. This enabled us to supply to hypermarkets and supermarkets, firmly established YMWOO Corporation Sdn Bhd as a household name in gardening products.

Grow Joy

Serbajadi’s tagline ‘Grow Joy’ encapsulates our dedication to helping you reap the rewards of your passion in cultivating healthy plants. To that end, we leverage our know-how and experience to create the best possible solutions to help make your tasks in the garden easier, more efficient and more effective.

Whether you’re a busy professional tinkering with indoor plants, an avid gardening enthusiast looking for the best possible results or even a horticultural specialist in search of the best off-the-shelf products for specific applications, Serbajadi is the go-to name to get you moving in the green game. Serbajadi has you covered from fertilizers and soils to seeds and even tools, to help you plant and grow with pleasure.

Your Trust, Our Commitment

Small wonder that today, Serbajadi is the #1 selling household brand in gardening supplies with a 50% market share. The brand also provides gardening supplies to popular hypermarkets, supermarkets, DIY outlets, nurseries, hardware stores and more all across the country and internationally.

For those who required, we also do OEM contract manufacturing.

As a testament to our quality, Serbajadi products are also a favourite among gardening professionals who purchase them in bulk for professional use. It all comes together as proof of our aim to let gardeners from all walks of life cultivate their passion for planting and to grow with joy.


The household name in gardening.

Think Gardening, Think Serbajadi.


To Help Everyone Grow Joy.

Our Customers

• Home Gardeners • Professional Landscapers • Condominiums • Shopping Malls • Farmers • Plantations • Schools

Market Presence

We partner and build good relationships with a host of nurseries, landscapers, small estate holders, orchard growers, vegetable farmers and professional horticulturists. Our passion for the gardening industry makes us stand out as everyone’s preferred gardening supplier. We will always hold our commitment to offering good value to our customers.