Discover Serbajadi: Your Home Gardening Partner

Since our foundation in 1988, Serbajadi has stood as a beacon of expertise and innovation in the horticultural domain. Holding our esteemed position as the #1 household brand in gardening supplies—and a commanding 50% market share—isn't just about figures. It's about a legacy of trust, nurtured relationships, and countless gardens brought to life with our products.

At Serbajadi, we believe every garden tells a unique story of joy, perseverance, and beauty. As a leading professional horticultural company, we take immense pride in being part of these stories. Whether it's the first sprout of a novice gardener or the flourishing landscape of a seasoned horticulturist, our diverse range of products ensures every gardener's vision is realized to its fullest potential.

But our offerings extend beyond the garden bed. Our solutions-oriented approach encompasses expert-led workshops, invaluable advice, and continuous support, fostering a community of gardeners who share our passion and vision. We're not merely in the business of supplying gardening tools; we're dedicated to nurturing dreams, enhancing lifestyles, and helping everyone grow their unique version of joy.

With Serbajadi, it's more than gardening—it's an experience, a partnership, and a shared journey. Embrace the Serbajadi difference, and let us cultivate a brighter, greener tomorrow together.