Common Name: Thrips

Scientific Family Classification: Thripidae

Species: About 5000 species


  • Adults are yellow to brown or black in colour, whereas, light green or yellow
  • Have narrow, fringed wings and can leap or fly away.
  • The male is slightly smaller and lighter in colour than the female
  • Elaborately ornamented with the presence of hexagonal designs, spines, or body flanges.
  • Have extensible bladders on the tarsi of the legs

Damage to plants:

  • Tomato spotted wilted virus is the virus that is usually spread via thrips.
  • Results in formation of scars and distortion of young flowers and fruits
  • Spotting appearance on flower
  • Leave can dry up entirely if severe infestation

Natural Enemy:

  • Green lacewings
  • Minute pirate bugs
  • Mites