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Chilli Padi

Classification: Edible plant

House Plant Group: Fruiting plant

Character: Small to medium sized bush with small green, orange, or red tapering fruit

Seeds: Serbajadi Seeds Chilli Padi


  • Capsicum annuum
  • Capsicum annuum var. abbreviatum
  • Capsicum annuum var. annuum
  • Capsicum annuum var. accuminatum
  • Capsicum annuum var. grossum
  • Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum

Plant Care:

Plant issues:

  • Strange-looking crystalline growths on underside and around leaf veins: Root rot
  • White powdery substance on underside of leave in patches: Powdery white mildew
  • Leaf with yellow and brown patches: Powdery white mildew
  • Roll up of leaf edges: Powdery white mildew, asphids
  • Leaf drop issues: Powdery white mildew
  • Leaf burn: Watering issues
  • Flower drop: Pollination issues
  • Slow growth: Poor growing conditions