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Spider Mites

Common Name: Spider mite

Scientific Family Classification: Tetranychidae

Species: About 1200 species


  • Minute, less than 1 mm in size
  • Varies in colour
  • Lay small, spherical (initially transparent) eggs
  • Reproduce extremely rapidly
  • Have needle-like sucking mouthparts. They feed by penetrating the plant tissue with their mouthparts to suck on the sap
  • Infest the underside of leaves of nearly all house plants growing in hot and dry conditions

Damage to plants:

  • The upper leave surface becomes speckled with yellow blotches and dead spots
  • Leaves fall prematurely
  • Occasion white webbing is produced between the leaves and stems

Natural Enemy:

  • Predatory mites
  • Ladybirds
  • Predatory bugs
  • Lacewings


  • Wipe off with a damp cloth/cotton bud and spray with¬†Serbajadi Neem Spray Extra Strength. Attack water-stressed plants, so regularly watering (but not over-watering) will prevent attacks.