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Common Name: Aphids or plant louse

Scientific Family Classification: Aphididea

Species: Over 4000 species


  • Mostly soft-bodied with long, thin legs, two-jointed, two clawed tarsi, and usually a pair of cornicles
  • Have two compound eyes and two ocular tubercles made up of three lenses, each of which is located behind and above the compound eyes
  • Quite minute, varying in size from 1-10 milimeters long
  • Usually green but may be black, grey or orange in colour
  • Feed on phloem sap from vascular plants using sucking mouthparts called stylets
  • High reproductive capacity resulting in rapid population increase (large colonies)

Damage to plants:

  • Weakens the plant
  • Causes metabolic imbalance to the plant
  • Stunt plant growth
  • Transmit viruses between plants
  • Foster growth of molds and fungi
  • Deform parts of the plant (for example leaf curl and become distorted)
  • Leaf loss

Natural Enemy:

  • Ladybird
  • Green lacewing
  • Lady beetle
  • Marmalade hoverfly
  • Migrant hoverfly
  • Parasitic wasp
  • Predatory gall midge