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Classification: Foliage House plant

House Plant Group: Food plant (leaves)

Character: Perennial with very fragrant, toothed leaves and tiny purple, pink, or white flowers. Plant’s green leaves have a sharp, minty smell

Safe for pets? No


  • Mentha arvensis (Wild mint / Corn mint)
  • Mentha aquatica (Water mint)
  • Mentha longifolia (Horsemint)
  • Mentha piperita ‘Lavendula’ (Lavender mint)
  • Mentha pulegium (Pennyroyal)
  • Mentha spicata (Spearmint)
  • Mentha suaveolens (Apple mint)
  • Mentha suaveolens ‘variegata’ (Pineapple mint)
  • Mentha x gracilis (Mentha x gentilis – Ginger mint)
  • Mentha x piperita (Peppermint)
  • Mentha x piperita ‘Chocolate’ (Chocolate mint)
  • Mentha x piperita citrata (Orange mint)
  • Mentha x smithiana (Red raripila mint)

Plant Care:

Plant issues:

  • Small, whitish, slightly raised spots that turn reddish orange or brown on the underside of the leaves: Overwaterring
  • Tip of the leave staring to yellow starting and eventually, leaves will curl and die: Over-fertilizing