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Succulents (Gasteria)

Classification: Foliage House plant

House Plant Group: Rosette plant

Character: Leaves are arranged in two rows

Safe for pets? No


  • Gasteria maculata
  • Gasteria verrucosa (Ox tongue)

Plant Care:

Plant issues:

  • Discoloration: Not enough light
  • Suddenly start growing tall: Not enough light
  • Browned or calloused flesh: Sunburn
  • Flesh begin to shrivel or pucker: Underwatering
  • Brown and dry, or calloused: Underwatering
  • Mushy and fall apart: Overwatering
  • Roots rot: Drainage issues or/and overwatering
  • Browning or blackening leaves or stems: Overwatering
  • Browning or blackening at the base of the plant: Overwatering