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Pelargonium (Scented-leaved Geraniums)

Classification: Foliage House plant

House Plant Group: Lobed & star-leaved plants

Character: Fragrant leaves

Safe for pets? No


  • Pelargonium capitatum (Rose geranium)
  • Pelargonium citrosum (Citronella plant – Mosquito plant geranium, citrosa geranium)
  • Pelargonium crispum (Lemon geranium)
  • Pelargonium fragrans
  • Pelargonium graveolens (Rose geranium)
  • Pelargonium odoratissimum
  • Pelargonium Prince of Orange
  • Pelargonium tomentosum (Mint geranium)

Plant Care:

Plant issues:

  • Yellowing of lower leaves with scorched edges: Underwatering
  • Yellowing of lower leaves with wilting leaves or rot: Overwatering
  • Reddening of leaf edges: Need more warmth
  • Blackening of stem base: Black leg disease or/and overwatering
  • Spindly growth, loss of lower leaves: Not enough light
  • Water-soaked corky patches on leaves: Oedema disease possibly due to overwatering
  • Grey mould on leaves: Botrytis possibly due to overwatering