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Hedera (Ivy)

Listed as one of NASA air filtering plants

Classification: Foliage House plant

House Plant Group: Climbers and trailers plant

Character: Decorative plant

Safe for pets? No


  • Hedera canariensis Gloire de Marengo (Canary Island Ivy)
  • Hedera helix (English ivy)
    • Hedera helix Annette
    • Hedera helix Chicago
    • Hedera helix cristata (Parsley ivy)
    • Hedera helix Eva
    • Hedera helix glacier
    • Hedera helix green ripple
    • Hedera helix ivalace (Lacyleaf ivy)
    • Hedera helix jubilee (Goldheart ivy)
    • Hedera helix harald
    • Hedera helix lutzii
    • Hedera helix marmorata
    • Hedera helix Mona Lisa
    • Hedera helix sagittaefolia (Needlepoint ivy)
    • Hedera helix scutifolia

Plant Care:

Plant issues:

  • Leaf edges brown & dry. Bare spindly growth: Spider mites or/and temperature too warm
  • Leaves all green: Not enough light or/and time to repot
  • Leaves undersized. Bare spindly growth: Not enough light or/and mature plant
  • Leaf tips brown & dry. Stunted growth: Spider mites or/and low humidity


  • Spider mites: Wipe off with a damp cloth/cotton bud and spray with Serbajadi Neem Spray Extra Strength. Attack water-stressed plants, so regularly watering (but not over-watering) will prevent attacks.