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Classification: FLowering Pot plant

House Plant Group: Bush, trailers or tree plant (depending on variety)

Character: Bell-shaped flowers hanging from the stems in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes

Safe for pets? Yes


  • Trailing
    • Fuchsia golden marinka
    • Fuchsia marinka
    • Fuchsia pink galore
    • Fuchsia red ribbons
  • Single hybrids
    • Fuchsia aintree
    • Fuchsia bon accord
    • Fuchsia brutus
    • Fuchsia checkerboard
    • Fuchsia Winston Churchill
  • Semi-double hybrids
    • Fuchsia satellite
    • Fuchsia snowcap
    • Fuchsia Tennessee Waltz
    • Fuchsia Texas Longhorn
    • Fuchsia whirlaway
  • Double hybrids
    • Fuchsia Alice Hoffman
    • Fuchsia brigadoon
    • Fuchsia fascination
    • Fuchsia midge
    • Fuchsia swingtime
  • Clustered hybrids
    • Fuchsia Gartenmeister Bonstedt
    • Fuchsia leverkusen
    • Fuchsia swanley yellow
    • Fuchsia thalia
    • Fuchsia traudchen bonstedt

Plant Care:

Plant issues:

  • Loss of leaves: Underwatering or/and not enough light
  • Flower buds drop: Poor watering (overwatering or underwatering), not enough light or/and too much heat
  • Poor flowering : Not enough fertilizer, underwatering or/and not enough light
  • Brown spot with yellow margins on leaves: Overwatering