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Pteris (Ferns)

Classification: Foliage house plant

House Plant Group: Herringbone plant

Character: Easy to grow, nice fronds with a range of shapes and sizes

Safe for pets? Yes


  • Pteris cretica (Table fern – Cretan brake)
  • Pteris cretica albolineata (Variegated table fern)
  • Pteris cretica alexandrae (Cristate table fern)
  • Pteris cretica wilsonii
  • Pteris cretica wimsettii
  • Pteris ensiformis victoriae
  • Pteris vittata
  • Pteris tremula

Plant Care:

Plant issues:

  • Brown dots or lines regularly arranged on underside of fronds: Spores. Nothing to worry about
  • Brown shells irregularly scattered on fronds: Scale. Wipe off with a damp cloth/cotton bud and spray with pesticide
  • Yellowing fronds, beginning at base of plant. Mature fronds develop brown spots and fall: High temperature or/and incorrect watering
  • Yellowing fronds, brown tips. No new growth: Needs more humidity
  • Pale fronds, scorch marks on surface: Too much sun
  • Pale fronds, weak growth: Need fertilizer
  • Fronds dying back: not enough moisture