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Begonia (Foliage House Plant)

Classification: Foliage house plant

House Plant Group: Bushy plant or lobed & star-leaved plant (depending on variety)

Character: Attractive colourful foliage, off-centre heart-shaped (and other shape like star, oval or spear) leaves

Safe for pets? No


  • Begonia boweri (Eyelash begonia)
  • Begonia cleopatra (Begonia maphil – Mapleleaf begonia)
  • Begonia feastii (Begonia erythrophylla)
  • Begonia foliosa
  • Begonia imperialis (Carpet begonia)
  • Begonia maculata
  • Begonia masoniana (Iron cross begonia)
  • Begonia metallica (Metallic leaf begonia)
  • Begonia rex (Rex begonia)
  • Begonia rex Her Majesty
  • Begonia rex Merry Christmas
  • Begonia rex silver queen
  • Begonia rex yuletide
  • Begonia solanthera
  • Begonia tiger

Plant Care:

Plant issues:

  • Brown blotches, turning grey & mouldy: Due to over moist soil and low light
  • Leaves with brown tip: Not enough humidity
  • Pale, rotting leaves: Due to over-watering
  • Yellowing leaves: Watering issues. Too little light
  • Loss of leaves: Not enough light / too much heat / watering issues
  • Flower buds drop: Not enough humidity or under-watering
  • Plant collapse: Root issues