Potted Plants to Suit Your Home



Potted Plants to Suit Your Home

We appear to choose learning the hard way. Despite all gardening books we browse through, as well as the groups we attend, errors are always made.

Why you would like it: How awesome is that? It has tracking stems and functions well in a basket that is hanging or as plant which climbs with some training onto a lattice or whatever thing you like that will support it.
The best way to look after it: It can prosper in a range of lighting conditions, but light that is low may decrease the act of variegating the leaves. Pothos does nicely in a range of normal room temperatures.

Why you would like it: It can flourish three feet high for large impact inside. Smaller varieties like the aloe vera that is popular, function excellent in small, sunny indoor spaces.
The best way to care for it: Aloe enjoys room temperatures around 70 degrees plus plenty of sunshine.




Spider Plant
Why you desire it: Spider plants function nicely as hanging plants, and come in several assortments.
The best way to look after it: Spider plants do well with brilliant or moderate lighting conditions and equally moist earth. Room temperatures of 60 to 75 degrees keep them flourishing.

English Ivy
Why you would like it: There is a real timeless sophistication to ivy, plus it tracks down appliance for a pretty effect. Plus, it is super simple to start a new plant for a friend or yourself by cutting a section of the stalk. Instant hostess gift! (OK, not really immediate, but give it merely two weeks or so.)
How to take care of it: English Ivy enjoys damp earth and cooler room temperature conditions, which range from the mid-50s to about 70.

Jade Plant
Why you would like it: For people who always love the appearance of a succulent—not to mention the ease of care— a jade plant offers visually interesting, verdant leaves and thick branches. It grows slowly and really has the potential to reside from your children’ arrival until their high school graduations— at least! Additionally, it looks great in a pretty pot when paired with other succulent varieties.
How to care for it: Jade plant does not require a lot of water, thus keep land dry. It prefers glowing light and average room temperatures.