13 of The Easiest Houseplants You Can Grow



13 of the easiest houseplants you can grow

1.Norfolk Island Pine
The key to keeping Norfolk Island pine healthy is to give it considerable light and humidity. In low light, the lower branches may turn brown and fall off. In case the atmosphere is too dry, it becomes a prime target for spider mites, a common houseplant weed.


Peperomias are a diverse group of little houseplants with leaves that are waxy and regularly highly textured. Red-edge peperomia has a narrow band of red surrounding a broad creamy leaf border. Other peperomias we adore comprise ripple peperomia, watermelon peperomia, infant rubber plant, and silverleaf peperomia.

Without taking lots of space up — its waxy, and has colorful foliage which adds a dash of color in any room.


3.Grow an Aromatic Windowsill Spa
Strive growing scented geraniums on your kitchen counter or windowsill. These houseplants that are alluring place the scents of lemon, lime, rose, cinnamon, and sometimes even chocolate at your fingertips. Simply pinch a leaf to discharge relaxing aroma.


4.Chinese Evergreen
This plant has foliage that is great; the leaves are punctuated with gray, colors of silver, or shades of green making Chinese evergreen an appealing choice to brighten low light areas of your house. Take a clue from shopping mall plantings and use Chinese evergreen as a ground cover around an erect, treelike houseplant. Or showcase it as a specimen plant.


5.Grape Ivy
Irrespective of the variety, grape ivy is a vine with tendrils that readily cling to stake or a trellis. It offers shiny, deep green leaves that create an extremely nice texture.


This beautiful houseplant offers variegated leaves and an individual vertical stem — so it resembles a corn stalk that is ornamental with no ears. Plant several together in a large container for a fuller look.


7.Fiddleleaf Fig
Fiddleleaf fig is a lovely tree that gets its common name comes from the violin-shape outline of its leathery, deep green leaves. It takes low light nicely, though it may lose its lower leaves in dimmed places. If your fiddleleaf fig grows too tall, prune start a brand new plant by air layering elongated shoots, or stalks back to the desired height.

This really is only one of the classiest -looking indoor trees thanks to its big leaves and the shape it forms as it grows.


All create canelike stems with exuberant leaves variegated in green and white. Grow one by itself to for a tree appearance or several in an individual container for a shrubby look. Dumb cane, among the plant’s common names, comes from the effect of the hazardous sap that if eaten causes numbness and swelling in the mouth and throat.

Its large, green-and-white leaves create a decidedly tropical look to any room of your house (and it’s perfect for decorating decks and patios in the summer).


9.Snake Plant
This succulent plant that is carefree bears neglect incredibly nicely. Give a go to snake plant, if you’ve had no success with houseplants other than plastic ones. Along with the tall type pictured here, shorter, bird’s-nest forms are accessible. All kinds resist low light but value more brilliant states. If you overwater the plant, the single problem likely to grow is root rot.

It’s practically indestructible and has architectural, sword shaped leaves


Heart-leaf philodendron is a long-lasting leaves plant which has long been the backbone of indoor gardening. It has pretty, heart-shape leaves and adapts well to low-light areas. It’s often grown with stalks trailing over big pieces of furniture or the edge of bookshelves.


11.English Ivy
As an outside ground cover, English ivy is commonly grown in many areas. But you may also use it inside. Onto a topiary form, train the stems for a more formal effect. It is also extremely simple to start new plants: Simply cut off a 5-inch-long section of stem, remove the bottom leaves, and pot it up in ground that is damp. The cutting should root in a couple of weeks in the event that you keep it damp.


12.Zeezee Plant
Sometimes called eternity plant as it lasts so long, succulent zeezee plant tolerates neglect and low light. The thick, fleshy leafstalks are really so durable that you might even believe it’s plastic. It’s a slow grower, in the event you would like a big specimen so buy a sizable plant. Cut stems remain green and healthy in appearance for many weeks, even without water.


13.Spider Plant
You may remember this from your grandmother’s house; spider plants have been grown for a long time and are still popular now. Locate several varieties — from types with simple green leaves to others that provide foliage marked with cream or white stripes. All make handsome hanging plants that develop plantlets at the ends of arching stems. These infants readily root in water or potting soil to start new plants.

It offers plenty of old-fashioned allure and an easy care nature.