Top Tips Salad Green



Top Tips Salad Green

Salad greens are among the simplest and most rapid growing harvests, and a number of the most yummiest! Take a look at our top points and revel in fresh salad greens for sandwiches and salads for this season.

Salad cartons may be put thickly, in order to fit a lot of fresh greens in!

Pick a place near the kitchen for easy accessibility.

Pick a leaf at a time as needed, not to the entire plant.

So there’s room for every plant to plant seedlings in a zig zag pattern and you’ll be able to fit more in the container.

A container as small as a kitchen pail is large enough to grow your own salad fixings in the event where you are trying to find other container choices.

Salad greens are grown in raised garden beds.

They may be picked as microgreens also for fast results sow seeds of mesclun salad mixes.

A mixture of tomatoes, salad greens and herbs supplies both an appealing and edible container choice.

It’s a good idea to water two times a week instead of a little each day to support deep roots.

Use Seasol plant tonic every 2-4 weeks keep your salad garden flourishing and to encourage strong root development.