Top 3 Indoor Plants



Top 3 Indoor Plants

Indoor plants provide cosmetic improvement, respiration, colour, life and aroma inside the rooms of a home. Check out our top three choices of indoor plants that everyone must have at home!

1. Ficus

Ficus is one of the most famous ornamental house plants. It keeps a tree like shape and loves unfiltered light or bright indirect sunlight. So they are the ideal option for kitchens, which create heat. Ficus can manage relatively high humidity and misting, which makes them perfect for Malaysian weather.


2. Maidenhair fern

Ferns are another excellent indoor add-ons to dress up your indoor space. The Maidenhair fern is often selected as an indoor plant as it is a leaf plant that is versatile and is obtainable in various sizes to suit the decor of your room and the available space. Maidenhair ferns are wonderful pot plants. They enjoy a pretty bright lit position inside and a lot of water, so don’t forget to water them frequently.

3. Calathea

Liven up a vacant space and also make a statement with this particular plant known for its leaves which are incredibly decorative. It can be put in one pot with the Maidenhair fern for additional allure. Since they are tropical plants native to the Americas, they love the humidity of Malaysian air.