School Holiday Garden Games



School Holiday Garden Games

Edendale School pupils share their three favourite garden games this month. An enjoyable approach to expand garden learning, attempt these in your personal garden these school holidays!

We’d like to share Edendale pupils three favourite garden games this month. Occasionally we get our garden tasks all finished ahead of the kitchen which are still preparing for the people. Playing games may be fast, enjoyable approach to expand garden learning!

Map Reading

A map was created of our primary vegetable gardens. It includes images and the names of the plants we’re growing.

Following a fast explanation on the way in which how the map functions, the kids have great fun discovering the plants growing in the garden and after that finding the distinct plants. I guide the pupils to vegetables that may be or happen to be harvested for the kitchen, fruit which can be picked and eaten, and herbs they are able to touch and smell.

A map can also be an excellent method to allocate day-to-day jobs:

We must pick four radish for the kitchen. Is it possible to pick and locate them?

Is it possible to feed the tomato plants and locate them?




Garden Bingo

It’s the traditional game of bingo using images of things where you could see in the garden. Great for any age, skills and amounts of knowledge. For those who really have an undercover place to function in, it’s additionally a superb day task.

The game is made after some online research. It took a while to put in place, you might get the children to assist. It’s been well worth of the attempt.

A Take on Chips Chicken and Pizza!

We alter the words to satisfy e.g. Compost, Weeds, Worms.

Everyone lines up on the garden specialist as well as the worm line call weeds! The final pupil to make it to the line is out and they get to make the following call.

Keep going until there exists only one kid left. We typically have have a couple of practices prior to the true game begins.

This can be an effective strategy to strengthen some garden language which will be new to some.

We’re excited to be supporting again in 2013, Garden To Table as our school programme. They learn skills that may last them for life, and find just how much pleasure it is to raise and cook their particular seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Starter packs are being provided by Tui to seasonal packs through the year, and every one of the brand new schools.